As the first and only truly national award of its kind, SESSY celebrates students who are building and leading successful entrepreneurial projects.


UStart Belgium, in partnership
with BNP Parisbas Fortis, SBB and Xerius


The Awards Ceremony
Thursday March 4, 2021


SESSY 2021 will be held online

A growing trend

The rise of student entrepreneurship

Driven by a desire to find personal fulfillment along with a paycheck, and by a sour economy that makes traditional employment seem just as risky as starting a business, members of the so-called millennial generation are increasingly forgoing traditional career paths and are hatching business plans based on social responsibility and their own passions, interests and ideals.

The competition

A national ceremony

The celebration of the leaders of tomorrow

The SESSY national ceremony aims to enhance the awareness of the Belgian student entrepreneurs on a national and international level, while giving them the chance to share their ideas and vision of the world of tomorrow. Furthermore, our event is also an unmissable networking opportunity to enjoy a walking dinner with the Belgian student entrepreneurship clubs and to meet renowned entrepreneurs as well as potential investors, advisors and personalities from the worlds of politics, economics and industry.

Attend the awards ceremony

Two Different Prizes

The Student Startup and the Student Entrepreneur of the Year, the backbone of the SESSY Awards

Student Entrepeneur Of The Year

An admirable trajectory and a bright future

The Student Entrepeneur Of The Year Award (SEY) will be awarded to the student with the most admirable trajectory in making a notable impact in the entrepreneurial world, all the while working on getting their degree. This way, we can acknowledge and congratulate them on their amazing mindset and ambition, and tell their story to a truly national audience.

Student Startup Of The Year

Recognizing and helping an impactful project

The Student Startup of the Year Award (SSY), is a prize awarded to the most promising, innovative and/or successful Student Startup, to provide a platform to unveil their vision to a large and influential entrepeneurial adience, and to give it a lasting structural boost in realizing their mission. To this end the winner of the SSY Award will be awarded with a €5.000 cash price provided by BNP Parisbas Fortis! And moreover, there will be a scala of other services made available for the Finalists and winners.

Our partners

Initiated by UStart in 2016, the SESSY is organized with the support of SBB, BNP Paribas, PitchDrive and Xerius.