The organizers

Initiated by UStart in 2016, the Student Entrepreneur & Student Startup of the Year is co-organized with SINC Antwerpen.

Founded in 2015, UStart is the Belgium’s largest student entrepreneurship club, with 9 satellite clubs in Brussels and in Wallonia.

They empower the entrepreneurs of the future by providing them with the tools, the experience and the network they need.

SINC – Students for Innovation & Cooperation – is an student-run association based in Antwerpen and founded for and by students.

Their vision is short but powerful:
“We want to live in a world where students have a new perspective on entrepreneurship”.

Supporting organizations and incubators


Young Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow est une initiative lancée par le Ministre de l’Economie et de l’Emploi, Didier Gosuin. C’est première stratégie bruxelloise en matière de sensibilisation des jeunes à l’entrepreneuriat, fédérant les acteurs autour d’un ambitieux objectif commun.


YET de eerste strategie uitgewerkt om jongeren in Brussel te sensibiliseren voor ondernemerschap door de actoren rond een ambitieuze gemeenschappelijke doelstelling te verenigen.

Featured in the press